Wednesday, 2 January 2019

52 Ancestors - Week 1: First

This blog is being written as part of the wikitree 52 ancestor challenge.

The first ancestor I have selected for this challenge is my 4G-grandfather Daniel Wilson (1778-1858), who was an Anglican minister and the FIRST Metropolitan Bishop of India and Ceylon .  He was one of the founders of the Lord's Day Observance Society and was a colleague of William Wilberforce (link to Wikipedia).

Personally, it made sense for me to start with Bishop Wilson as there is a portrait of him hanging in my parents stairwell where I am currently celebrating my birthday and so this would have been the FIRST picture I saw today when I went upstairs for breakfast.  It is also the 160th anniversary of his death today.

As for other "firsts" associated with Daniel Wilson, I can mention his wife Ann Wilson, who was his FIRST cousin as Wilson is her maiden name and not simply her married name.  The Wilson family was originally from Derbyshire, but lived in London at the time of Daniel Wilson's birth, and were part of a successful merchant class (one of his Wilson relatives was Lord Mayor of London).  Daniel Wilson served as Bishop of Calcutta for the last 26 years of his life, dying there in 1858.